Rakumenaya Ramen at Ximending, Taipei

Thursday night at Ximending, it is always packed! Having to wait half an hour to an hour for a ramen seems like a pretty normal thing here. Having heard of Rakumenaya Ramen, we gave it a shot.

You get to customise your ramen here: the broth (strong/medium/light), the noodle (thick/thin), spiciness level and the hardness of your noodles.. I think this is a must in a ramen shop as individual preference is different, so it’s great to be able to customise my ramen.

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Bitan 碧潭, Xindian 新店, New Taipei City 新台北市

Conveniently located within walking distance from Xindian MRT Station (Green Line), Bitan is one of Taipei’s must-see famous attraction. The whole place is just beautiful, especially at night, though it is a pity I didn’t stay until night-time when I visited.. Bitan is divided into the east and west bank by Xindian Creek and you get get around the two banks by crossing the Bitan Suspension Bridge. At night, apparently the bridge is illuminated by light beams that change colour which I heard is extremely pretty..

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Modern Toilet Restaurant, Ximending, taipei

One thing you should do when you visit Taiwan is go to one of the theme restaurants! Be it the hello kitty cafe, prison cafe, teddy bear cafe, hospital cafe, or the Modern Toilet Restaurant!

I won’t comment much, the below pictures I took will explain all! But it is a must visit restaurant, just cute! However, in terms of the food, they are reasonable but nothing wow..

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Beef Noodle Soup House @ Beitou

On one hot sunny day, me and my family decided to visit Beitou, the hot-spring city of Taipei. To go to Beitou, take the Metro to Beitou Station (Red Line), then change and get off at Xin Beitou station. There, pick up a tourist guide book and it will show you all the attractions.

It was an extremely hot and sunny day that day so we decided to skip the hot spring part and went for lunch. Stumbled upon a beef noodle house shop, we gave it a shot. We ordered two dishes to share between the three of us: their signature Curry Beef Noodle Soup and also Beef Noodle Soup.


We really enjoyed the Curry Beef Noodle. Even though it’s a bit salty for me but the flavour was good and the meat was very tender (and that’s important!)

DSC_0573The original beef noodle soup though, was a disappointment.. Though it looks great when it first came out, but the soup was bland and the beef sliced were very tough! We really struggled to finish the dish..

DSC_0569 DSC_0574

Next time I come, surely the only thing I’ll order is the curry beef noodle..!