1885 Burger Store, Taipei

I notice Taipei has a lot of specialities burger store, and since I love good burgers, every time I know of one, I go and try. This time it’s the 1885 Burger Store. The location of the store sort of makes it less popular than other burger store, however, there are heaps of people waiting when I was there on weekend..DSC03726DSC03705DSC03706Daily specials.. I don’t think they are of a very good deal though..DSC03707DSC03708They serve brunch and burgers, lots of choices..DSC03709DSC03710DSC03711DSC03712Denver Scrambled Eggs Brunch Set: Comes with apple juice, small salad, choice of drinks, choice of bread and either hash brown or cheese potato.DSC03717Scrambled eggs are good, I like it, it isn’t too hard or too soft, it’s just the right consistency. DSC03722French toast are good as well, though I would expect it to have more “egg” flavour. Hash brown are, not the usual “Macca’s” hash brown, it’s actually pan-fried grated potatoes, which is nice, especially if they make it slightly thicker.. DSC03723Overall I would say that I’m happy with the food they serve. However because of their location, which isn’t that convenient for me, I probably won’t travel all the way especially just to visit it. If I’m around the area however, I would certainly go again.

1885 Burger Store: No.57, Sec.4, Civic Bivd, Songshan District, Taipei. 台北市松山區市民大道四段57號。

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