Havana Kafé – The first Cuban Cuisine in Medan

Thumbs up for the bravery and courage to open a Cuban Cuisine Café in Medan, it’s a definitely a worth-try concept hey..

Located in small alleyway, Havana Kafé has a rather Spain-ish feel about it, especially the interior. Often you will find people doing photo-shoot here too.. Too bad I didn’t take any picture of that!

But I did take pictures of their food.. 🙂

Empanada de Pollo: Crispy, light, baked Puff Pastry with fragrant yummy chicken filling.. I could have the whole plate by myself! Haha..

Burritos de Pollo: Rice, capsicum, chicken wrapped in a lightly fried tortilla, served with side salads. It might be small, but it is so good!

Cuban Ciabatta: Ciabatta bread with tomato, lettuce and sliced chicken, served with fries and side salad. To me, this is quite ordinary..

Havana Kafé also has wide selections of drinks, from tea, coffee, ice teas to cocktails..

Havana Kafé: Jl. Sei Bingei No 11/13, Medan

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