The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Born in Southern California, you will find The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores all over the world. I would say it is one of Starbucks competitor. If you haven’t come across one of its stores, which I highly doubt, The Coffee Bean serves a wide variety of coffee-based beverages, from straight espresso to ice-blended style beverages, tea-based drinks as well as caffeine-free drinks if you prefer..

Here is their Ice Caramel Latte: espresso shots with vanilla powder, caramel sauce and milk poured over ice. Creamy with sweetness of caramel plus the slight bitterness from the coffee. Nyum!

In addition, they also have an extensive food menu, ranging from simple cakes, sandwiches, pies as well as full-on menu (depends on store).

One morning we had their Beef Pie: slow-cooked beef in puff-pastry, which was great! And also Chicken Breakfast Set: comes with egg, side salad, bread and some pulled-chicken, which I thought was OK. Continue reading

Warung Mbah Jingkrak – Jakarta

Warung Mbah Jingkrak is a restaurant in specializing in Javanese Cuisine. Their menu ranges from meat dishes, seafood dishes, soups, vegetables and some other Javanese delicacies. It is a must try for Indonesian food lover! Their dishes typically comes in smaller portion, so you can try more of their dishes..

What we shared between the four of us: Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken), Telur Dadar Mawut (Omelette in Special Sweet Sauce), Braised Sweet Tofu, Sayur Asem, Daun Pepaya (Papaya Leaves), Pare (Bitter-gourt), Terong Belacan (Eggplant cooked with Chili) and some others I couldn’t remember exactly..

The dishes that we tried were all very good.. We left with full tummy!

Killiney Kopitiam

Located at various locations across Asia, Killiney was founded in 1919, and has since became one of the famous “Kopitiam”, meaning traditional coffee-house, famous for its kaya bread toast and traditional coffee and tea beverages.

One hungry morning we went for breakfast. We had their Fried Kwetiao, which was nice despite the small portion.. I only wished that they put more meat or seafood instead of lots of bean sprout haha!

We also had their Fried Noodles, which was good too..

Overall, we like the food and drinks served at Killiney, mainly because it is traditional, humble, simple ,cheap yet delicious. It is just what it is, not trying to be too fancy..

Paulaner Bräuhaus Jakarta

Originated from Munich, Germany, Paulaner is a well-known German Restaurant serving authentic Bavarian and German delicacies for people around the world to taste. Some of their specialties include boiled/crispy pork knuckle, beef goulash, sauerkraut, home-made späetzle as well as selections of German sausages.

Between the three of us we shared a Bread basket, consisting of mini pretzel, dark beer bread, sourdough bread and salt-stick roll, served with butter. I love all of them honestly!

Paulaner Platter must be the perfect dish to order to share, especially if you’d like to try more varieties of Paulaner specialties. The Platter includes meatloaf, Vienna sausage, Debrecener sausage, Nuremberg sausage, poached smoked pork chop and crispy pork knuckle, served with sauerkraut and mashed-potato.

Continue reading

Outback Steakhouse Jakarta

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian-themed steakhouse restaurant, serving typical steakhouse menu namely steak, ribs, burger, seafood, chicken dishes, pasta dishes, etc.. Having late supper that night, we decided to share two dishes between the four of us, here are what we had:

As a starter, we were served a loaf of warm, crusty but soft inside bread with butter. Geez, believe me, this is great! I could have the whole thing myself!

Seared Prime Rib (Rp 289 900): 8 oz of seasoned and slow-roasted prime rib served with traditional au jus. It was cooked to medium-well, soft and still a little pink inside.. And the herbed-mashed potatoes? Loved it!

Half rack of Baby Back Ribs (Rp 174 900) served with French fries: honestly, I was quite disappointed with it when it was first served.. Personally, I think this is too little for half a rack of ribs, not worth what you paid for.. But I must say that it was well-cooked, well-seasoned, melt-in-your-mouth ribs. Just wished there were more.. Continue reading

Dancing Crab – Ciputra World Jakarta

A franchise from Singapore, Dancing Crab opened its door for Indonesian to enjoy their country-style Cajun seafood specialties. Located in Ciputra World Mall, their dining concept is quite unique: diners wear “paper apron” and their signature Dancing Crab Menu is served on the table lined with paper (for convenience of cleaning maybe?).. So no plate, eat with your hands and don’t be afraid of causing mess! 🙂

Combo Bag #01: Crab, Prawns, Mussels, Clams, Corns, Carrots and Potatoes in Spicy Sauce. Finger-licking good!

Fried Oysters: This were good! Not-too-thick batter, still soft and hot inside! Great!

Fish & Chips: I didn’t eat the fish but the chips were good.. Continue reading