Day trip to Shifen 十分, Pingxi 平溪 and Jingtong 菁桐

Shifen 十分, Pingxi 平溪 and Jingtong 菁桐 are small towns on the TRA (Taipei Railway) Pingxi Branch Line. This train line was originally built for coal transportation, but now has been transformed into a tourist rail line for one to discover and experience Taiwan’s rich culture, history as well as astounding scenery. DSC04590 To get there: From Taipei Main Station, catch train to Ruifang Station 瑞芳火車站. From there, get a Pingxi Branch Line Day pass.

DSC04591My itinerary: Jingtong -> Pingxi -> Shifen. Many people also like to do it the other way around, either way it’s fine.DSC_0461DSC_0465Some direction signs. Below is Jingtong 菁桐 Old Street. It was early and the street isn’t that packed yet.DSC_0470 Continue reading

99廚坊 Kitchen 99, Taipei

Located nearby Yongkang Street 永康街, this German restaurant specialised in Pork Knuckle. In fact, that’s why I went there..DSC04853 DSC04817 DSC04819Their full menu available for dinner time. I think their lunch set is reasonably priced. DSC04829 First up, Soup with Focaccia. Dense and slightly crispy Focaccia bread, creamy thick potato soup. Both are nice..DSC04830Fresh salad with Japanese sesame dressing. Continue reading

PHO OZ Vietnamese Noodle 澳越河粉

Next to where I stay, there’s Pho Oz Vietnamese Noodle, which I have walked passed for many many times and it always smells so good.. One day, finally,  decided to give it a try..DSC04854 DSC04855 DSC04856DSC04755Pork Mince Steam Roll 越南豬肉腸粉: Instead of trying the typical ‘Rice paper prawn roll’, we decided to go for another variety. This is very similar to those Cantonese Dimsum Steam BBQ Pork Roll. It is good but not that good that I will have more of it.  Continue reading

On Tap, Taipei

There are quite a few pub/bar around Da’an District and On Tap is one of them. They call themselves “Taipei’s Only Real Pub” and I could see why.. Comprehensive food menu, “on tap” beer, bottled beer, shots, spirits, makes this pub a nice place to hang around.. They also have daily specials, which is worth checking out..DSC03295 DSC03296 DSC03301 Condiments for your food.. DSC03302 Continue reading

1885 Burger Store, Taipei

I notice Taipei has a lot of specialities burger store, and since I love good burgers, every time I know of one, I go and try. This time it’s the 1885 Burger Store. The location of the store sort of makes it less popular than other burger store, however, there are heaps of people waiting when I was there on weekend..DSC03726DSC03705DSC03706Daily specials.. I don’t think they are of a very good deal though..DSC03707 Continue reading