Cafe a la mode Taipei

Within a few minutes walk from Shida Night Market 師大夜市, you will find this cozy cafe on Yunhe Street 雲和街. On the menu are various pasta, risotto, salads as well as classic brunch dishes. DSC04698Nice interior..
DSC04678DSC04676DSC04680Kiwi juice: Brunch dishes come with a glass of juice and a choice of either coffee or tea.
DSC04682Spinach and Smoked Chicken Omelette with Mashed Potatoes. I don’t have any complain, they are just as good as I like it! Continue reading

Raohe Street Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市, Taipei

Raohe Street Night Market is probably one of the most well-known tourist night market after Shilin Night Market. It is extremely crowded, especially on the weekend, it was a pain trying to just even get a food to feed my hunger! Next time I will certainly go on weekdays to avoid the crowds.. There are a few must-try food at this market, namely pork rib herbal soup, black pepper bun, the okonomiyaki, large fried chicken. Let me show you some photos I took on a busy evening..

Ciyou Temple in front of the night market entrance.. DSC_1506DSC_1523 DSC_1520Even at around 4pm, people are queuing for the Black Pepper Bun..
DSC_1525DSC_1511 Continue reading

Hi, Ryou 日楞 Cafe

Located in Shida Area (NTNU), Hi Ryou Cafe is one of those cafes that is popular among students. I’m impressed though, that they open very early (8.30am), which is quite unusual for cafes here in Taipei, but maybe that’s the reason they are always packed, especially on the weekends..

DSC04782Their menu is, let’s say, creative and quite unique. Their dishes are not just typical “scrambled egg” or “omelette” breakfast, I must say they have made a good job with their food selections. DSC04778DSC04783Ginger Brown Sugar Tea 薑母茶 for a start..
DSC04786I had their Ryou’s Bolognese Sauce with Bread and Mashed Pumpkin: minced beef and pork in Bolognese sauce topped with egg and cheese.  Continue reading

Macho Tacos Taipei

I love mexican food, I used to have it at least once a week, tex-mex kind of food, being a burrito, nachos, tacos, or salad. They are healthy, hearty and filling.. In Taipei however, most of the Mexican restaurant are more the “fine-dine” type, super expensive. When I walked pass Macho Tacos, well, it’s heaven for me..DSC04389Price is OK, not very cheap but not that expensive either.. The portion is quite big though..DSC04387You can choose your choice of rice, beans and salsa.. Continue reading

希臘左巴 Greek Go! Restaurant Taipei

With two convenient locations: one at Yongkang Street 永康街 and one near National Taiwan University台大, 希臘左巴 is a restaurant serving Greek and Mediterranean food, worth to try if you ask me. The food is reasonably priced, portion size are big enough and they taste good! The menu is on their website http://www.greekgo.htm.twDSC04384Nice little restaurant with their flag too..!DSC04364傳統雞豆泥湯 Fasolada Bean Soup. This tastes a bit like Italian Minestrone Soup, except that there aren’t any pasta or veggies in it, and there is barely any bean in the soup either! Next time I’ll opt for other option..
DSC04366 Continue reading

M One Cafe Taipei

Located near Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, this cozy cafe, apart from being an excellent place for an outing and great service, most importantly, they serve great food too! This time I didn’t get a chance to try their brunch menu but next time I surely will! DSC04276You can have a look at their full menu at their Facebook page.
DSC04277 DSC04287 Creamy potato soup, very nice!DSC04290Salad with Japanese sesame dressing..  Continue reading

Focus Kitchen 肯恩廚房, Da’an, Taipei

Stumbled upon this cafe one Sunday morning and managed to secure myself a table to try out their food.. Approximately 5 minutes walk from Dongmen MRT Station (Orange Line), this cafe focuses upon their food and service quality, which can be seen by their “open kitchen” concept. When you enter the cafe, you are welcomed by their friendly staff, and you can watch the skilfully-trained chefs preparing orders. Their seats are mostly on “lower ground”..DSC04084DSC04083DSC04082 DSC04068 Continue reading