Ichi Dough – CenterPoint Mall Medan

Focusing on “third wave coffee”, you will find this rather newly opened café Ichi Dough fully packed on most weekdays, let alone weekends! We were lucky to have a sit on the bar that night (coz those were the only available seats haha!), but it was nice as you can see the barista works and how good they are at their job!

We tried a few of their dishes and found them really delicious!

We had their BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) Sandwich served with Potato Chips. Simple dish, but they got it right! Also had their Spaghetti Sambal Matah, a clever combination of Western and Indonesian favorite.

Another dish we tried was the classic Fettuccine Carbonara, creamy but rather light, with heaps of mushrooms!  A pleasure for mushroom lover..

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Dinner at Imperial Chef Restaurant

Located in Center Point Mall Medan, Imperial Chef is under the same group as The Grand Duck King at Cambridge Mall. In terms of the menu, there are a lot of similiarities between the two, but here are the dishes we ordered that night.

IMG_5802-0.JPG First up, a rather unique dish, Chicken and Mushroom Clear Steamed Dumpling. Chicken, chillies, mushroom stir-fry wrapped in clear chewy skin. Tastewise, the filling is flavorful, but the skin of the dumpling is too thick for my liking.

IMG_5804.JPG One of their signatures: Crispy skin suckling pig. As the name suggests, this dish is mouthwateringly delicious, crispy pork skin, tender meat, refreshing sweet and sour sauce. Perfect! Continue reading