The Diner 樂子, Rui’an Store 瑞安店, Taipei

The Diner is one of Taipei’s well-known American style brunch spots, it is full nearly every time, so make sure to book beforehand to secure a table. DSC04620DSC04619Their sweet potato series and lunch specials. Their full menu is on their website (see below).
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Focus Kitchen 肯恩廚房, Da’an, Taipei

Stumbled upon this cafe one Sunday morning and managed to secure myself a table to try out their food.. Approximately 5 minutes walk from Dongmen MRT Station (Orange Line), this cafe focuses upon their food and service quality, which can be seen by their “open kitchen” concept. When you enter the cafe, you are welcomed by their friendly staff, and you can watch the skilfully-trained chefs preparing orders. Their seats are mostly on “lower ground”..DSC04084DSC04083DSC04082 DSC04068 Continue reading

Duomo Cafe 多麼Cafe, Daan District, Taipei

A mere 5 minutes walk from Liuzhangli Metro Station (六張犁捷運站), you’ll come across this cute cozy 2-storey cafe called Duomo Cafe. This cafe has a very nice relaxed atmosphere, shown from their interior design, I have seen people doing photoshoot session here. Their food is reasonably priced, and they taste accordingly. Their coffee and tea are good as well.. DSC03704Cute little animals??DSC03699Second floor..DSC03685DSC03731DSC03684 Continue reading

Spring Vegetarian Buffet Restaurant 春天素食

My first experience having Taiwanese Vegetarian Buffet, I was choosing between this restaurant and Evergreen, both have good review. I settle for this one because it is a lot more closer and accessible for me, but next time I would definitely try Evergreen.. Price-wise both are very similar..

I did ended up feeling very full by the end of the meal though.. There were a lot of choices, but my complaint was that they didn’t fill it up quick enough..

Here is the price list:DSC03624And here are some of the photos I took:

Cold Starters..DSC03603Some salads (lots of sprouts…)DSC03609Soup.. They were nice and fragrant (would never guess they are vegetarian..)DSC03615 Continue reading