The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Born in Southern California, you will find The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores all over the world. I would say it is one of Starbucks competitor. If you haven’t come across one of its stores, which I highly doubt, The Coffee Bean serves a wide variety of coffee-based beverages, from straight espresso to ice-blended style beverages, tea-based drinks as well as caffeine-free drinks if you prefer..

Here is their Ice Caramel Latte: espresso shots with vanilla powder, caramel sauce and milk poured over ice. Creamy with sweetness of caramel plus the slight bitterness from the coffee. Nyum!

In addition, they also have an extensive food menu, ranging from simple cakes, sandwiches, pies as well as full-on menu (depends on store).

One morning we had their Beef Pie: slow-cooked beef in puff-pastry, which was great! And also Chicken Breakfast Set: comes with egg, side salad, bread and some pulled-chicken, which I thought was OK. Continue reading

Renjiro Sushi Medan

Conveniently located at Complex Multatuli Medan, this japanese resto has been the talk of the town for some time now. Curious, myself and a few friend went to give it a shot.
We ordered a few dishes to share, and ended up very full for the night.. 😄


Teriyaki Chicken Bento Set

First up, Chicken Teriyaki Bento set. Generous portion, with a side salad and side fried chicken dish. It also comes with a miso soup. Taste-wise, it is a typical teriyaki dish, sweet, caramelised, well cooked chicken. Next on the table was Chicken Yakitori stick, which is basically the same as chicken teriyaki..


Chicken Yakitori

Salmon Enoki Roll: Bunch of Enoki Mushroom wrapped in Thin Salmon Slices, with Teriyaki Sauce. Pleasure to eat!


Shisamo Maki

Continue reading

District 10 Restaurant & Bar, Medan

District 10 Restaurant & Bar is probably one of the most popular hangout place in Medan, especially for ‘modern’ adults.. They serve a variety of Western as well as Indonesian food to suit your taste and also cocktails, wine, beers to choose from. The prices are of the higher-end range but the atmosphere makes it worth the money I suppose.. Here are some food we ordered on the night:

Traditional Chicken Satay with Rice Cube served with slightly spicy peanut sauce. I would have this all by myself.. For the mains, we had: Chicken katsu with Rice  – good but personally the crumble were to thick, so all you can taste were the “crumble” part instead of the chicken.

Nasi Goreng Kampung: didn’t have this but it looks nice, and well presented.Grilled Scottish Salmon Fillet: Generous portion of salmon steak, cooked to well-done (next time I’ll ask for medium..), served with vegetables and grain mustard sauce. The dish was good but the sauce was a let down unfortunately – it was pretty much a buttery based sauce with some grain mustard.. Continue reading

Wulai 烏來, Taipei Part 2 – Food

Walking along Wulai Old Street, you may indulge in various local snacks.. The most popular are the hot spring egg, wild pig sausages, mochi with different filling, and also Wulai famous Millet Liquor.. Let me show you..

Two different types of boiled eggs..DSC_1064 Taste.. a bit unusual but nice..DSC_1066 Famous millet wine.. Was good! You may try some before buying..DSC_1062 Continue reading

Tamsui/Danshui/淡水 Part 2: Food, Tamsui Old Street

The most exciting part of travelling is… the food of course! Like any other place in Taiwan, wherever you go, there will be a lot of local specialities around.. Similarly in Tamsui.. Stroll around Tamsui Old Street, and indulge yourself in their local food and snacks..

A few must-try local specialities include:

Ah Gei: Tofu that has been hollowed out and filled with vermicelli and the gap is sealed with fish paste. It is then steamed and eaten with sweet chilli sauce. This dish is unique to Tamsui and it is yummy!DSC_1022 DSC_1024Tamsui Fish Balls: Made from shark meat and filled with ground pork, these oval-shaped fish balls has a firm and chewy texture..DSC03422 DSC03423 Continue reading