The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Born in Southern California, you will find The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores all over the world. I would say it is one of Starbucks competitor. If you haven’t come across one of its stores, which I highly doubt, The Coffee Bean serves a wide variety of coffee-based beverages, from straight espresso to ice-blended style beverages, tea-based drinks as well as caffeine-free drinks if you prefer..

Here is their Ice Caramel Latte: espresso shots with vanilla powder, caramel sauce and milk poured over ice. Creamy with sweetness of caramel plus the slight bitterness from the coffee. Nyum!

In addition, they also have an extensive food menu, ranging from simple cakes, sandwiches, pies as well as full-on menu (depends on store).

One morning we had their Beef Pie: slow-cooked beef in puff-pastry, which was great! And also Chicken Breakfast Set: comes with egg, side salad, bread and some pulled-chicken, which I thought was OK. Continue reading