Havana Kafé – The first Cuban Cuisine in Medan

Thumbs up for the bravery and courage to open a Cuban Cuisine Café in Medan, it’s a definitely a worth-try concept hey..

Located in small alleyway, Havana Kafé has a rather Spain-ish feel about it, especially the interior. Often you will find people doing photo-shoot here too.. Too bad I didn’t take any picture of that!

But I did take pictures of their food.. 🙂

Empanada de Pollo: Crispy, light, baked Puff Pastry with fragrant yummy chicken filling.. I could have the whole plate by myself! Haha..

Burritos de Pollo: Rice, capsicum, chicken wrapped in a lightly fried tortilla, served with side salads. It might be small, but it is so good!

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