Day trip to Shifen 十分, Pingxi 平溪 and Jingtong 菁桐

Shifen 十分, Pingxi 平溪 and Jingtong 菁桐 are small towns on the TRA (Taipei Railway) Pingxi Branch Line. This train line was originally built for coal transportation, but now has been transformed into a tourist rail line for one to discover and experience Taiwan’s rich culture, history as well as astounding scenery. DSC04590 To get there: From Taipei Main Station, catch train to Ruifang Station 瑞芳火車站. From there, get a Pingxi Branch Line Day pass.

DSC04591My itinerary: Jingtong -> Pingxi -> Shifen. Many people also like to do it the other way around, either way it’s fine.DSC_0461DSC_0465Some direction signs. Below is Jingtong 菁桐 Old Street. It was early and the street isn’t that packed yet.DSC_0470 Continue reading

Yingge 鶯歌, New Taipei City

Yingge, as known as the ceramic/pottery village, is one of the urban districts in the Southwestern of New Taipei City. It is a heaven for pottery lover.. To get to Yingge, the easiest way is to catch the train from Taipei Main Station and get off at Yingge street, the town is easily accessible by foot.. DSC04399 Yingge Tourist Map and San-Ying Arts Village 3鶯藝術村DSC04405DSC04406DSC04417

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Yehliu Geopark 野柳地質公園

Located at Wanli District of New Taipei City, Yehliu Geopark is a 1.7 km long cape full of seawater-eroded holes and rocks, the famous ones being the mushroom and ginger rocks.. A visit to the park is a nice relaxing trip, not only being very educational, but also just being in nature gives a wonderful feeling.. DSC_0198DSC_0213 The Queen’s head replica 女王頭 2.. The real one has a super long queue so I’m happy with its replica!DSC_0225The leopard.. DSC_0270 Continue reading

Taipei Zoo 台北市動物園

Taipei Zoo is one of Taipei’s Tourist Attractions, but I realised there were more little children than tourists. Having said that, it is still worth a visit.. Mind you, the zoo is huge.. a lot larger than what I expected it to be, so expect a lot of walking.. Here are some pictures, in case you haven’t got a chance to visit the zoo, I hope my pictures will entertain you..DSC04241 DSC04244 Red (or pink) flamingos? I’ve never seen this before.. DSC04247 Of all the animals, I found the monkeys are the cutest!DSC04250 DSC04252 Continue reading

Jinshan 金山 Taiwan

On a beautiful day, decided to visit one of Taiwan’s districts near the coast, Jinshan. You could go to one of the hot springs here, or go to Shitoushan Park獅頭山公園, or simply have a nice stroll along the old street, which is what I did. I went there on Friday afternoon and it was rather quiet. Let me show you some photos I took on the day..DSC_0452DSC_0438Famous duck meat shop along the old street..DSC_0445DSC_0449Famous snack from Jinshan..  Continue reading

Shenkeng Old Street 深坑老街, New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan 台灣

So you know how Taiwan is famous for its Stinky Tofu? And that you can practically get it anywhere: big shops, small shops, hawkers, night markets, etc.. But what about a street selling just that? Well, that’s the reason I pay a visit to this little town in New Taipei City..

Shengkeng Old Street (aka “The Tofu Capital”) is approximately half an hour from Taipei. It is quite easy to get to, there are numerous buses that pass through the old street, you just need to find the correct buses.. Let me show you some photos of the old street..

First, map… DSC_1439 DSC_1440 What the old street looks like.. Old red-brick buildings.. Nice for photoshoot..DSC_1460 DSC_1464Now the fun begins.. Tofu and tofu…
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Jiufen Day Trip, Part 2 – Jiufen Old Street 九份老街

Jiufen Old Street 九份老街 if the main reason why tourists go to Jiufen. Food, souvenirs, tea houses, you can easily spend few hours here without realising it. Just keep in mind though, that the old street is really packed on the weekend, so you might want to go there earlier.. DSC_1574DSC_0121Jiufen is famous for their taro balls, there are a few shops that sell them. DSC_0148These glutinous rice cake (you can either have sweet or savoury fillings) are really nice, I like them a lot.. 
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